We started with
one big idea...
to be the best generic injectable supplier
to the UK secondary care market.

10 years later Bowmed Ibisqus is proud to be acknowledged as a leading supplier to the NHS and delighted to be working with key partners who have shared our vision and helped make our achievements possible.

As part of our commitment to our core principles Bowmed Ibisqus has made a significant financial investment in the UK operation which has delivered –

    • an enviable market leading supply record
    • an ability to ensure continuity of supply on key medicines
    • minimum disruption to service levels
    • increased value & reduced costs for the NHS


The existence of companies such as Bowmed Ibisqus has enabled the NHS to make significant budgetary savings & we provide a balance between cost effective procurement and sustainability of supply.

The Ibisqus Group
looking to the future
Bowmed Ibisqus can now benefit from the wealth of manufacturing and development
experience available within the Ibisqus Group; it has never been more important for a
business in this sector to have a structure which supports both innovation and stability.