15th July, 2019

Cyber Essentials Certification 2019

Bowmed Ibisqus is once again proud to announce that we have passed the Cyber Essentials assessment and been awarded the 2019 Cyber Essentials certificate by the National Cyber Security Centre.

Demonstrating our cyber and IT security measures to our private and NHS clients is a integral part of our corporate governance program and important to us, as suppliers of injectable medicines to the NHS

Industry Standard in Cyber Security

The Cyber Essentials Certification shows we have a level of technical control that is an essential defence against current cyber and IT threats and is a testament to Bowmed Ibisqus’ dedication to cyber security and data protection.

24th March, 2019

Proud moment for Emma passing the finishing line!

Bowmed Ibisqus was proud to support one of our valued colleagues when she took part in the London Landmarks half marathon on Sunday 24th March 2019.
Emma ran on behalf of the Genesis Research Trust and raised over £500. Emma has an incredible commitment to her own fitness and to the fitness journey of those around her. In her spare time, she has run community-based running projects and is working toward a recognised coaching qualification.
Speaking after the race Emma said, “It was truly an amazing experience and it has given me a taste for running the London Marathon now!”

More about Genesis Research Trust: Founded in 1978, based at Imperial College London, the Trust is the largest collaboration of reproductive health researchers in the UK. It is the only charity of its kind to lie consistently at the heart of original leading-edge research investigating why and how things can go wrong with conception, pregnancy and birth; delivering real evidence-based results for medical treatments and outcomes of worldwide significance. Click here to find out more about Genesis Research Trust.


27th November, 2018

Aciclovir 250mg Vials

Bowmed Ibisqus is delighted to announce the launch of Aciclovir IV on behalf of the MA Holder Laboratórios Azevedos.  This product will be distributed in a strength of 250mg per vial with each pack containing 5 vials.

The product has been listed with AAH and stock is available for hospital customers with or without an official contract.  If you would like to discuss a pricing arrangement or stock availability for Aciclovir IV or any of our other products please contact us directly on +44 (0)845 6436 703 or email us


2nd November, 2018

Dr Ryan Hamilton winning recipient of the 2018 Bowmed Ibisqus Antimicrobial Management Award

During the 2018 Annual Joint Conference of the UKCPA Clinical Pharmacy Association and Pharmacy Management, Dr Ryan Hamilton received the Bowmed Ibisqus Antimicrobial Management Award.  The Award is intended to recognise innovation in antimicrobial management.

Dr Hamilton’s paper provided an evaluation of antimicrobial stewardship ward rounds led by junior members of the healthcare team.  The review demonstrated that AMS ward rounds led by junior members of staff can optimise antimicrobial therapy earlier in the admission process with potential reduction in length of stay and reduced re-admission rates.  Further work will be undertaken on this topic however an extract of Dr Hamilton’s work so far can be seen below.

>> Click Here to view an extract of Dr Ryan Hamilton’s work.

10th July, 2018

Cyber Essentials Certification

We are proud to announce that Bowmed Ibisqus now holds the government-recommended Cyber Essentials certificate from the National Cyber Security Centre.

As suppliers of critical injectable medicines to the NHS hospital and private sector, we take our data security very seriously and are committed to safeguarding it against all types of cyber and IT threats.

In fact, demonstrating cyber and IT security controls to our private and NHS clients is a big part of our corporate governance program.

According to NHS Improvement’s Data Security Protection Requirements Guidance, health and care organisations must comply with a set of ten data and cyber security requirements. One of these includes ensuring that any supplier of critical IT systems that could impact on the delivery of care, or process personal identifiable data has the appropriate security certification such as Cyber Essentials.



9th July, 2018

IBI Lorenzini meet FMD challenges head on and in advance of deadline

We are pleased to report that our Italian-based group company IBI Lorenzini has partnered with Tracelink to implement global serialisation solutions ahead of the February 2019 FMD deadline.

The IBI Lorenzini commercial operation brings together traditional pharma and contract manufacturing expertise therefore it was important for the group to find a partner that could provide the specialist knowledge on its global ‘track and trace’ requirements.  The flexibility, scalability, speed and efficiency of the Tracelink EU hub have met the IBI group’s stringent requirements.

The Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) legislation have presented the pharmaceutical industry with one of the most challenging undertakings in recent times. Investment in the IBI Lorenzini plant and in the right partnerships has therefore been crucial to a smooth implementation.

With a booming export division in over 20 countries across 5 continents the IBI Lorenzini group and UK distributor Bowmed Ibisqus will be well placed to meet the challenges of the future, with Tracelink on board.

Further information regarding the partnership can be found here