26th April, 2020

Clindamycin Ready to Administer IV Bags

Bowmed Ibisqus has expanded the range of Ready to Administer IV Bags with the recent launch of Clindamycin. This product has been developed in strengths of 300mg/50ml and 600mg/50ml with each pack containing 10 bags.

Clindamycin solution for infusion is an injectable solution that does not require further dilution.

Clindamycin is indicated for the treatment severe infections caused by susceptible microorganisms in adults and adolescents older than 12 years. Treatment areas include staphylococcal bone and joint infections, chronic sinusitis, and infections of the lower respiratory tract.

The product does not contain the preservative benzyl alcohol and can be stored in ambient conditions with each bag packed in a foil over-pouch to protect from light.
The product has been listed with AAH and stock is available for hospital customers with or without an official contract.

If you would like to discuss a pricing arrangement or stock availability for Clindamycin any of our other products please contact us directly on +44 (0)845 6436 703 or email us