10th July, 2018

Cyber Essentials Certification

We are proud to announce that Bowmed Ibisqus now holds the government-recommended Cyber Essentials certificate from the National Cyber Security Centre.

As suppliers of critical injectable medicines to the NHS hospital and private sector, we take our data security very seriously and are committed to safeguarding it against all types of cyber and IT threats.

In fact, demonstrating cyber and IT security controls to our private and NHS clients is a big part of our corporate governance program.

According to NHS Improvement’s Data Security Protection Requirements Guidance, health and care organisations must comply with a set of ten data and cyber security requirements. One of these includes ensuring that any supplier of critical IT systems that could impact on the delivery of care, or process personal identifiable data has the appropriate security certification such as Cyber Essentials.


Industry Standard in Cyber Security

The Cyber Essentials certificate will reassure our clients that we have taken the right steps to protecting ourselves against any attacks on our IT systems. The scheme contains a set of baseline technical controls that provide an acclaimed standard of cyber security.

The certification proves that Bowmed Ibisqus is protected against some of the most popular cyber security threats such as phishing, hacking and password-guessing.

Susan Myerscough, Managing Director of Bowmed Ibisqus said “We recognise that data security is a key focus area for the NHS and the Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates that the company has taken all the necessary precautions for safeguarding our IT systems against any threats.”

We will regularly review this credential to ensure it is updated based on the latest government guidelines.

The Cyber Essentials certification is an essential defence against current cyber and IT threats and a testament to the fact that Bowmed Ibisqus is dedicated to data security.